Reduced Waste

    We want to feed more people and increase farmer incomes by reducing food waste.

    A third of the food currently produced never reaches our plates, and in the markets in which many of our supply chains operate, as much as 40% of food is lost during harvest, drying, storage, and transport. These are particularly sobering facts considering estimates that we'll need 50% more food by 2030 to feed the world's growing population.

    Measuring Progress

    Crop losses have a significant impact not only on the livelihoods and welfare of farmers and their families, but also on global food security when nearly one in ten people worldwide are undernourished. Read about some of our challenges and advancements in our latest annual report. 

    Initiatives Supporting Reduced Waste


    Post-harvest Training

    Rich biodiversity of the Bynekere Estate contributes to Robusta and Arabica coffees. Previously poor post-harvest techniques have resulted in an inconsistent and lower-quality coffee.

    Mama Gold Rice Bag

    Wageningen University Pilot Study

    A joint study with Wageningen University revealed the scale and impact of post-harvest losses in rice farming in Nigeria, and identified hotspots in the process as well as solutions.

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